Why Are Cross-Functional Teams Important?

Suppose that you have just started as a new project manager for a nationwide non-profit. The company has put you in charge of revamping the annual fundraiser by using some project management techniques and cross-functional teams. You now have to create a presentation to justify your use of cross-functional teams.

In your initial post, share some reasons why cross-functional teams are required for revamping the annual fundraiser. What are the key attributes of cross-functional teams that you would include? Conduct research and use sources to support your description. Be sure to acknowledge any sources you use.

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Why Are Cross-Functional Teams Important?
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In your responses to your peers, comment on someone else’s approach to the presentation on cross-functional teams. Do you agree with the topics they discussed and the what attributes they chose? Why or why not? If their method is different from yours, why do you think you used a different approach to cross-functional teams?

This is the post to respond too:

Reasons to have cross-functional teams is important because it defines clarity and broader trust. A failure to build or maintain interpersonal and invisible bridges can cause a loss of efficiency and productivity and display an ignorance of the company mission. Cross-functional teams presents an open-door for communication that can eliminate problems before they start. Developing new ways of thinking and skills. Key attributes for cross-functional teams are excellent communication, clarity, mutual understanding, individual attention, conflict resolution, and an A-team.

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