Relevant Workplaces Report

The Relevant Workplaces Report is an opportunity to explore and suggest workplaces related to topics covered in the course. There is no need to over-think the activity; the task is intended to make you aware of just how helpful you can be in workplace settings, given the knowledge you have acquired in the course.

The goal of the activity is simply to suggest workplaces at which you can apply what you have learned. For example, for the research lecture, you could suggest being a research assistant to a researcher who studies aging. You would explain why this could be a good fit. Essentially, in what ways could you be of service to a researcher, based on what you learned? For the physical changes lecture, you could suggest working at a rehabilitation centre because of your insight into how our mobility changes over time.

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Relevant Workplaces Report
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You may use my examples, but be sure to elaborate, so that I see you have demonstrated that you made a reasonable connection between the lecture and applied settings. No need to specify existing establishments. Just state general places, such as long-term care facility, research assistant for a professor, etc. Places can include adults of all ages, such as workplaces that offer preventative services for aging more optimally (e.g., rehabilitation).

Assignment Instructions

1. Review the textbook table of contents for a brief overview of the topics learned.

2. For each lecture, identify a relevant workplace at which you could be of service, after learning the lecture. Identify four different workplace examples, one for each lecture.

3. Complete the following table. Specifically, for each lecture,

a. state the suggested workplace and

b. describe how you can be of service at the identified workplace, based on the services they offer and on the topics covered in the lecture.

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