New fire chief

A new fire chief was just hired at your department. The new chief replaced a chief that just retired after twenty-five years of service. During the chiefs last few years, you noticed the department moving in the wrong direction. You realize that with the new chief, change will have to be made to create a successful organization.

For this essay, you are to explain three things the new chief should change in your department and how the chief should implement or process those changes. If you are not with a department, then use a fictional department.

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New fire chief
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For this assignment, it is very easy to use first person and personal pronouns, such as “I think” or “We will”, but this must be avoided.

Your paper must be a minimum of 3 full APA formatted pages not counting the title page or the reference page and include 3 academically recognized sources.

The APA 7th Edition Guides will be used.

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