This week’s written assignment is to a case study. Your answers should be concise, complete, and creative and typed in a Google document. Make sure to include your name on each page. When you are finished, upload the link to the document.


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This week’s assignment: Collaboration Nation


This will be a group or individual project.


Case Study:

Sally is a 41 year-old female with a history of unsuccessful weight loss attempts. In the past, Sally has tried “almost every diet known to man” and now wants to lose “at least fifty pounds” and “stop fighting with myself”. Sally lives alone, and works as an accountant. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with her cat, and shopping. She describes her life as “pretty isolated” and rates her happiness at a 4 out of 10. She explains that when trying to change her behavior, she usually “falls off the bandwagon after a few days”, and describes herself as “stuck”. She has no history of injuries or preclusions to exercise and has recently had a clean physical exam, with the exception of needing to lose weight. Describe what approach you would take with Sally to help her change her behavior. Please include your rationale for your approach along with the measurement protocol you would use and the outcomes you would hope to achieve.

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