Gifted- Intelligence Pioneer Research

Go to this website: and look over the information that is there.

Only 2 pages. Your task is to research Piaget and Wundt view intelligence and prepare a one page summary outline of each to share with the class that includes:

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Gifted- Intelligence Pioneer Research
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  • Theorist’s name and years of life;
  • The year/s of the theory’s development;
  • The main points of the theory along with a one paragraph (in outline only) overall description of the theory;
  • How the theory is measured or demonstrated;
  • A short scenario (could be a visual) that helps in understanding the theory;
  • The benefits of the theory – the holes in the theory (what does it not take into account);
  • Two (2) interesting quotes from the theorists.
  • Do the theorists have anything to say about how culture affects notions of intelligence?
  • Tell how you see this theory applying (or not) to the school setting.

Please cite this website as your source. You may of course look at other sources, but our main concern is to allow all of us in the class to understand the complexity of what we know and speculate about intelligence.

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