Facilitate a group discussion

•Reporting Assignment has 2 parts.

#1. Have the participants assess your role as a facilitator. Post the results of their assessment, along with their names.

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Facilitate a group discussion
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#2. Give a detailed report about the topic, depth of discussion, how you handled the group, and things you wish you would have done differently during this Group Discussion. Also discuss what you feel characterizes a good group leader and group members.

◦Select a topic

◦Give the participatents a date, time and place.

◦Begin the group discussion by making sure everyone knows everyone and why they are here

◦Set guidelines such as keeping to the topic, listening to each other and respect

◦Your job as facilitator is to be sure all guidelines are kept and everyone gets a chance to speak. Don’t let one person dominate. Draw those who aren’t contributing into the conversation.

◦This discussion should last at least 1 hour ( more if you like).

◦End with a conclusion of what you have discussed or any decisions made.

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