International development

The essay should be based on any Development In Action podcast, or any E.A. podcast, or

any podcast from the “Global Development Primer” podcast (excluding season

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International development
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introductions) which are available here:

  • Develop a clear thesis statement.
  • Explain how and why the issue is important for international development.
  • Present a clear argument supported by reliable evidence.
  • Critically analyze the development issue chosen.
  • Be 8 pages: double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, not including bibliography

(roughly 2,000 words)

  • Include proper references and a bibliography of sources


  • Essays will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: the development of a clear

and convincing argument, use of reliable and relevant sources; logical organization of ideas;

grammar and writing style; documentation and bibliography.

The standard formatting requirements are:

double-spaced and double-sided, 12 point

Times New Roman font, one inch margins and no extra spaces between paragraphs.

Students are to use APA referencing and citation style

for all references and

bibliographies and should cite the page number(s) for any specific information or ideas from

books and journal articles in addition to direct quotation

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