Event Management Steps and Implementation

Please be creative

This paper is part of an internship paper and needs to be written in a way as if it is your own experience organizing the event based on the theory you derived in class from a course cLled event management

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Event Management Steps and Implementation
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With the help of a travel agency flying half of the guests (employees of the company where the internship was made) from Israel to Switzerland dor the weekend

The event milestones were the following:

The rooms in the hotel were chosen by me, as I previsously travelled to the area to see the hotel amd make all the bookings

In the dinner, a group of dancers performed. The dinner was held in the hotels restaurant which was closes just for this event. A 4 course menu was served

There was a dinner on the day of arrival, a lunch next day and they could freely ski, and enjoy the city and spa and any other activities that were all reserved by me

Once all arrived, the israeli employees and the swiss employees, a total of 50 went by bus from Zurich to Davos

Please write milestones of the planning a months in advance to the event happening

Post hotel Davos

Details such as who sits with who and etc, you can be creative and please add as mamy details as you can

Dont forget that it should reflect what was learned in the couse, which was aboit how to organize a successful event. Let me know if you have any questions.

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