Compose music

You have been commissioned to work on the theme music for Singapore United.

The client wants you to compose 1 original pieces of music.

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Compose music
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Question 2a – Create name of Song #2 (moderate tempo) (2 marks)

Create an original name for your second piece of music.

Marks distribution:

Originality of song’s name (max 1 mark)

Is the song name suitable for the Theme? (max 1 mark)

Question 2b – Audio Editing Plan of Song #2 (8 marks)

You may use the Sample Audio Plan in the Appendix section to create and show your own Audio Editing Plan in how you plan to compose each song. Please also insert this Audio Editing Plan of your music into your ECA’s word document.

Marks distribution:

Accuracy of timing of audio tracks (max 1 mark)

Clarity of layout (max 1 mark) Clarity of description (max 1 mark)

Creativity of content (max 2 marks)

Use of descriptive track names (max 1 mark)

Demonstrated attention to detail and planning (max 2 marks)

Question 2c – Creation of Song #2 (16 marks)

Create an original piece of music in moderate tempo with a uniquely Singapore style. It must be at least 24 measures long. You may choose to compose, arrange, improvise the music, and subsequently demonstrate your musical skills in the style of any music genre, for example, jazz, blues, classical, rock, new age, etc.

Use GarageBand to record your music. You can record your music first on one track. Then record another music riff on another track. Finally, you can change the tempo of the music (without changing the pitch of the notes) using Garageband.

• Use the Sound Loops Library inside GarageBand to enhance your music.

• Explore ways to add “cadences / turnarounds” to your music using GarageBand.

• Try to transpose suitable parts of your composition to add contrast and texture.

• Use the various software amplifiers, stomp boxes and sound effects inside GarageBand to make your keyboard music sound like other musical instruments. Explore ways to add sound effects like reverb, chorus, delay, etc.

• Export your music from GarageBand to iTunes.

• Inside iTunes, right-click on your file and convert your music file into MP3 format

Hint: there are many voicings and loops of Asian musical instruments found in Singapore (for example the sitar and Asian percussion instruments) both inside the digital keyboard and inside GarageBand. You may consider including them in your music.

Please do not use any music or loops which are copyrighted work of other people in your music composition. For example, it is absolutely not allowed to perform “covers” of a famous pop star’s music; even if it is performed entirely by you. Neither would you be allowed to “sample” copyrighted music from commercial musicians’ albums. Your music must be totally original and contain at least some musical elements in the Singapore style.

Marks distribution:

Accuracy of length of music according to Audio Editing Plan (max 2 marks)

Appropriate use of Music Tempo (max 2 marks) Appropriate use of Track volumes (max 2 marks)

Appropriate use of Multiple tracks creating layers (max 2 marks)

Appropriate use of Pan controls (max 2 marks)

Appropriate use of Effects and manipulation of sounds (max 2 marks)

Construction of a narrative: a clear beginning, middle and end, giving a sense of ‘story’ (max 2 marks)

Overall quality of the soundscape as an audio experience for the audience (max 2 marks)

Question 2d – Transcribing the Score of Song #2 (5 marks)

Experiment with GarageBand or any other software to automatically transcribe the score sheet of your music composition. At the minimum, you must include the main melody of your music composition with accompanying chords inside your scoresheet. Add performance directions into your score sheet. You may use the Composer’s Checklist in the Appendix section to prepare the performance directions. Please also insert the score sheet of your music into your ECA’s word document.

Marks distribution:

Accuracy of transcription of main melody of song (max 2 marks)

Transcription of accompanying chords (max 1 mark)

Appropriate use of Music Performance Directions in score (max 2 marks)

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