Workin’ it with Word


Assignment 1 enables hands-on practice with searching the Internet and using Microsoft Word. Additionally, because time management is one of the greatest challenges any college student will face, Assignment 1 helps you to learn, reflect, and apply your time management skills.

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Workin’ it with Word
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View this Rubrics for grading information.

There are five main items addressed in Assignment 1:

  1. Did you create a This Week’s To-Do List for one area of your life, appropriately organizing and prioritizing tasks?
  2. Did you reflect on how you currently manage your time in daily life and how your current approach impacts your life?
  3. Did you identify two time management strategies from the assignment readings you can implement now to help you improve how you manage your time?
  4. Did you correctly format the document based on the instructions?
  5. Did you write using correct mechanics, grammar, and spelling?


  • Install and/or activate Microsoft Office 365 so you can use MS Word. See Downloading Office 365 in CIS105 [PDF].


The topic of Assignment 1 is time management. To complete the assignment, you will review resources about time management and then create a weekly schedule or calendar to organize your home, job, or schoolwork for a week. To wrap it up, you’ll reflect on how you manage time in your life and identify two strategies you can implement now to help you improve how you manage your time.

  1. Review the following resources on time management for strategies and tools that you can apply to creating your weekly schedule or calendar and to your life.
    1. Nancy Comstock. 2019. Time Management. Salem Press Encyclopedia.…
    2. Erich C. Dierdorff. 2020. Time Management Is About More Than Life Hacks. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, pp. 2–6.…
    3. Reem Rachel Abraham. 2018. Exploring Time Management Skills of First Year Undergraduate Medical and Allied Health Science Students. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, vol. 12, no. 10, pp. 7–10.…
  2. Take notes on at least one way you can use the information from each source in your life.


  1. Open MS Word on your computer.
  2. Open a new blank document.
  3. Save the blank document with a file name in this format: CIS105_Assignment1_YourFirstName_YourLastName_Date
  4. Insert a header that includes your name and the course title.
  5. At the top of the document, add a title with a font size of 16 points, bold and center aligned, at a minimum.
  6. Add an image representing time management underneath the title.
  7. Create a table in your Word document. It should be a 6×8 table, at least. Suggested headings for your rows are Date, Task, Priority, Time Estimate, Completed, and Notes.
  8. Decide which area of your life you are making this time management to-do list for: personal, school, or work.
    1. Add a title above your chart in this format: This Week’s To-Do List – [Personal, School, or Work (depending on what you choose)].
    2. Use a font size of 14 points and bold.
  9. Fill in the rest of the table with tasks that you are planning to complete next week. Think about the strategies and skills you read in the articles to help you organize and prioritize your to-do list. (You can also use this to help you stay organized and use your time efficiently next week in your real life!)
  10. Under your to-do list, compose answers to the following questions of at least one paragraph per question (4–7 complete sentences). Remember to cite your sources using SWS for in-text citations.
    1. How do you manage your time in your daily life? How does your current time management approach affect your daily life?
    2. What are two time management strategies from the assignment readings you can implement now to help you improve how you manage your time?
  11. Under your composition section, add a SWS-formatted Sources list.
  12. Insert a footer with the current date.
  13. Submit the Word document in a .docx file type for grading. Do not submit any other file type, such as PDF.

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