Performance Management

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Performance Management

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Performance Management
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Performance Management is a process that is followed by every business organization in order to increase productivity and to maintain the quality of the project. The business organizations regularly monitor the performance of every employee and provide feedback to improve the performance (Kubeš & Rančák, 2018). One of the components of the performance management is management involvement where the higher officials in the company provide targets that to be completed by the employee based on the performance and the quality of the employee the manager gives few suggestions for the betterment based on the feedbacks of the employee.

The employees in the business organization must possess leadership qualities such as they must be good at problem-solving techniques when there is any kind of problem that arises in the company they should be more efficient to solve the issue by analyzing the issue and make the decision wisely (Chandler, 2020). They should be able to encourage the other team member must have strong communication between the team and support the organization by learning new things quickly and spread the knowledge to other employees. Leadership behavior is very essential for the development of any organization.

Few organizational capabilities are followed by every business organization for the growth of the company and to improve the performance of every individual employee in the company and to manage the information in a systematic process (Torasa & Mekhum, 2020). One of the organizational capabilities is to change the readiness it is the process of understanding the issues in the company and take the required measures for minimizing and resolving the issues. Customer focus is another type of organizational capabilities that mainly concentrate on the product the main aim of the customer focus is to satisfy the client by providing the necessary products and services as per the requirements of the client and delivery them with high quality.

Teamwork plays a crucial role in any organization where all the team members focus on the project and they must support each other to deliver a successful product with high quality in less span of time if the team members don’t coordinate each other and support them it would impact on the quality of the product and eventually the performance of the team gradually decreases (Kubeš & Rančák, 2018). By focusing on the performance of every individual employee and managing them in a standardized manner will help to develop the organization rapidly.


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