Complete the following discussion post

Read the following before posting to this Discussion. This can be located in the Library:

Rosner, K. (2006). Struggle for a Gazprom strategy. In K. Rosner (Ed.), Gazprom and the Russian State, 47–53. London: GMB

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Complete the following discussion post
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Draw from your personal and professional experiences to answer the questions below in the Discussion Board. Focus your discussion on project management principles. Please refrain from taking a political perspective.

What do you think of Russia’s strategic intent for the Gazprom energy organization? Will it be a free enterprise or a governmental agency? How does the future of Gazprom reflect the future of Russia’s strategic goals? Discuss the need for risk assessment and scope management. How does a formal change control approach, including the change control board (CCB), reduce the possibility of scope creep? Based on your research, how does a change control system relate the principles of authority, responsibility, and accountability?

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