Business case

Business Case:

Mary is running a small online business to sell T-shirts with her own painting design for few years now. She thinks it is very good idea to design a spreadsheet to keep track of her business costs, revenue, and profits to help her make decisions about her future plans. She has asked you to create a spreadsheet model to manage her annual costs, revenue, and profits. She would like to see the following lists in your model for the year of 2019:

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Business case
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Note : Use your own sample data.

  • Product List: list 3 different T-shirts in various sizes of small, medium, and large. Include in this list the item short name, description, cost, labor hours, and unit price(you could assume price is the same for all sizes )
  • Inventory List: the quantity of each product every month of the 2019(assume 100 for each)
  • Sales List: the sold quantity of each product for every month of the 2019
  • Costs: Labor($30/hour), computer use and online registration ($5/day)
  • Loan: She has a monthly payment for a 5 years $10000 loan at 4% annual interest
  • Profit: display the total profit/loss for the end of the year 2019. Any item that is sold out will have 10% extra profit for her
  • Charts: 3 different chart types

Evaluation Criteria(20% each):

  • Spreadsheet layout, formatting, labeling
  • Proper cell referencing including relative, absolute, and mixed
  • Use of PMT, IF, and VLOOKUP
  • Profit calculations
  • Charts

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