Week 7 conjunction

Part 1

Please view this video.

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Week 7 conjunction
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        • What stood out to you from the video?
        • In what ways do you feel you can relate in terms of being at risk for burnout or vicarious traumatization?
        • Evaluate what specific interventions mentioned in the video you feel would be helpful.

        part 2

      • How do you see yourself utilizing the results of the Community Project in your career?
      • part 3

      There are six statuses of majority identity development which include the following: naivete; dissonance; defensive; liberal; self-exploration; and transcultural (Dreachslin, Gilbert, & Malone, 2013).Identify and name a majority group and give an example of the majority group status’ self-identity in each of the statuses given above. Finally, illustrate at least one idea or tool to increase the level of the individual’s diversity and cultural competence. Your majority group can be focused on but is not limited to the following: race, ethnicity, culture, gender, or sexual orientation. Refer to Table 9.2, click here.

    • part 4

    Increasing our self-awareness of how we experience in-group and out-group identities can play a significant role in our own cultural awareness and competence. Please answer the following questions in 1-2 short sentences as a pathway to self-awareness of your own dominant and accessible group identity statuses:

    • First, identify your major group affiliations, including race and ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
    • Next, for each group affiliation, determine whether this is an in-group or out-group.
    • Lastly, reflect on your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors toward yourself as a member of the identity group as well as toward people who do not share your group affiliation.
    • part 5
    • The first status of minority group identity development is “conformity.” Conformity occurs when the minority group member attempts to adapt and accommodate to the majority culture. In the 1950s, researcher Solomon Asch conducted a number of laboratory conformity studies. You can watch the footage here:
      Asch’s studies convey how extremely strong the majority group identity and dynamic can be for individuals of a minority group. Using what you have learned in watching the video above, answer two of the three questions below by giving an example and an idea for increased doctor or provider awareness and interaction:

      • Explain how conformity behavior might manifest in an older, female patient.
      • Summarize how conformity behavior might be shown in a racial and ethnic minority patient.
      • Describe how might conformity behavior be illustrated in a gay male patient.

        Part 6

      • 1. Explain why would the diversity of languages spoken by persons within the health care workforce create teamwork problems among the health care staff? List at least two ideas to decrease this language barrier.
        2. Illustrate the three majority status group identification development processes and give an example of each.

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