Modern Literature

Question: 1.In this Forum, please answer the following question. (respond in ~200 – 300 words).

In Wise Blood, the author offers two “doubles” to the main character Haze. Pick one of his doubles (Sabbath Lily Hawks or the True Prophet) and

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Modern Literature
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1) Explain how s/he is similar to Haze
2) Explain how s/he is different than Haze
3) Explain the role that this double plays in Haze’s character development as well as the development of the plot.

Question 2: In this forum, there is but one question (respond in ~200 – 300 words).

Given all the readings we have studied,( A) Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood, (B) James Baldwin’s Go Tell It On The Mountain, (C) Philip Roth’s American Pastoral. what three ideas/concepts/theories/stories (you get the idea) most impacted and/or helped you. Why?

Question: 3. This is a straightforward assignment. Simply answer these questions, write an essay in 350-450 words, please answer the following:

Discuss the significance of the novel’s title. Be sure to include:
1) A definition of “wise blood” (as it is developed in the novel)
2) The relationship between “wise blood” and the story’s plot
3) What “wise blood” represents about the main characters
Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your ideas

That’s it!

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