LInk 2 Services

The company is “LInk 2 Services ” in NewZealand.

The problems are :

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LInk 2 Services
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1. when students/people join the company, the company gives some modules to them to complete . But some students don’t complete the module and start working, it creates many problems during working.

2. The company takes mathematics based test while joining but the test should be based on the skills needed for the work that has to be alloted to taht person.

3. sometimes their pay is late that craetes problems for teh studnets as they need to pay rent and other expenses.

4.someytimes the comoany hires so many people and therfore does n’t give evne 20 hrs per week to wokr to studnets that makes it diffiuclt for them to get enough payment to run their expenses

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