ITPM 615 DB Two Parts Making the Most of Funds

For DB assignment prompts with a Part One and Part Two and Part One should be addressed and is achieved with 3–4 strong paragraphs for each part addressing the same questions below from different respective.

Fast-Tracking and Crashing can be used to deal with a project that appears to have a schedule problem.

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ITPM 615 DB Two Parts Making the Most of Funds
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  • Explain the difference between Fast-Tracking and Crashing.
  • Which of the two techniques will you use to manage a project that is behind schedule if you do not have the option of adding new team members to your project team and the project must be delivered on schedule?
  • How would your choice of technique (Fast-Tracking and Crashing) impact project quality?

Reading Assignment

Goetsch & Davis, Chap. 22

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Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality by Goetsch; Davis e-Book – VitalSource Pearson 8 9780133791945 2003C ITPM615-01

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