Introduction to Film

Choose one of the genres we have studied this term, and discuss at least two of the films we watched within that genre, focusing on what each of them contributes to the genre. Some might establish particular conventions, build upon and develop conventions further in interesting ways, defy conventions of the genre in order to broaden its scope, etc. Examine various aspects of the film including camera work and mise en scène (direction and editing), script (dialogue and story), costumes and set design, music and acting.

For each of the two films, you should write at a good three paragraphs; this means your full response should be around two pages. Remember to provide examples to support your claims. Please do not use sources, as you will be graded based on your own thoughts and words.

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Introduction to Film
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GENRE: Sounds & Musicals

MOVIES: Moulin Rouge (2001) and Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

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