Drug Law Enforcement PowerPoint Project

CJ411-6: Evaluate current state and federal drug legislation and law enforcement’s response within the social context of drug use and abuse in America.

PC-3.2: Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills.

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Drug Law Enforcement PowerPoint Project
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For this assignment, you will be interviewing a law enforcement officer involved in drug law enforcement and creating a minimum 15-slide PowerPoint project (not including the cover and reference slides) covering federal and state statutes for drug trafficking.

Before your interview, research and identify both federal statutes and your state statutes that deal with drug trafficking and related offenses, and have examples of the crimes and punishments that relate to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Then, identify a local, state or federal law enforcement officer whose primary duty is drug law enforcement and ask questions related to whether or not your researched statutes are effective in terms of law enforcement efforts to decrease drug trafficking and other drug-related offenses. Questions should include specific aspects of drug law enforcement in which the officer is engaged and any jurisdictional or cooperation issues the officer has encountered in enforcing drug statutes.

The PPT project should be a minimum of 15 slides (not including the cover and reference slides), using one basic slide design and layout, limiting bullet points to 6-8 lines of content, using pictures, charts or graphs to supplement the bullet point material (provided they do not cover more than ½ of the overall slide). All citations should follow APA format and placed on the reference slide. The PPT project is due at the end of Unit 10.

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