Discussion Post:

Choose ONE of the Readings from the PMBOK class text for your Discussion Post:

  1. 3.3.3 Project Manager and the Organization
  2. 3.3.4 Project Manager and the Industry
  3. 3.4.1 The PMI Talent Triangle
  4. Types of Power

Discussion Post Instructions:

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Discussion Post:
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  1. Choose ONE of the above readings to discuss. Put the SECTION TITLE at the top of your post.
  2. Explain the KEY COMPONENTS of the reading.
  3. Discuss the KEY POINTS that have relevance to YOU and WHY.
  4. Note what seems confusing to you or provides little value and why. Should the Project Manager be responsible for all these roles & activities, or someone else that may be better qualified?
  5. If possible, provide real-world examples or research backing to support your points.

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