Core values and SWOT analysis

Core values and SWOT analysis (18 Marks)

3.1 Core values (6 Marks) – Approximately 250 words

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Core values and SWOT analysis
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3.1.1 Identify the core values of your selected business entity. (LO1b) (2 marks)

3.1.2 Analyse how the core values of this business inform the decision-making process. (LO1b) (2 marks)

3.1.3 Evaluate if the core values of this business support the current vision and mission statements. (LO1b) (2 marks)


3.2 SWOT analysis (LO1b & LO2a) (12 Marks) – Approximately 450 words


Analyse at least 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses, 2 opportunities and 2 threats.

– You are required to link your analysis to the facts and information about the organisation as well as external factors such as competitors, customers, suppliers, laws and regulations, technology.

– You must engage in research to answer the questions. Your discussion must be embedded in theory learnt in class.

– Your SWOT analysis must consider all aspect of the selected business including operations, accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, risk management


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