Contemporary issues in the Army

Research and Study:
a. Read: Allow learners time to research current issues affecting the military. Encourage learners to identify regulations or policies that can be used to address the issues.
b. Thinking: Learners should think about the following when developing this assignment:
 Contemporary issues contemporary issues in our Army.
 The cause and effects of the identified issues.
 Development of best practices to implement lessons learned.
Student Assignment:
a. Writing: Learners will write an essay one full page in length, Font size 12, APA style on a contemporary issue that is effecting our Army. They need to identify the cause and effect of the identifying issue and develop a course of action that would mitigate the contemporary issue.
b. Include: The writing assignment must include:
 Explanation of what does the term “contemporary issue” mean to you.
 What was the cause and effect of this issue.
 What affect can you have in the development of best practices to implement into your organization?
 Incorporate two OE variables found in FM 3-0.

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Contemporary issues in the Army
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