Comparison-Contrast Frankenstein Movie and Novel

The comparison-contrast essay is one you’ll be asked to write in many different courses. More importantly, it’s something you deal with in everyday life. Which car do I buy? What television is the best? What vacation should I take?

Understanding the comparison-contrast structure and how to analyze similarities and differences makes writing this type of essay more understandable and straightforward.

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Comparison-Contrast Frankenstein Movie and Novel
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The Assignment

In this thesis-driven essay that includes an introduction and a conclusion, you’ll compare and contrast the 1931 Boris Karloff movie Frankenstein with the 1819 Mary Shelly novel of the same name. Using the handout “How to Analyze a Short Story, Novel, or Movie,” pick any three elements that interest you about the movie and the novel Victor Frankenstein and the Monster and explore their similarities and/or differences. You’ll need to support your observations by quoting or paraphrasing scenes and dialogue used from the book and the movie.

MLA format, 2-4 pages

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