Community and organizational psychology

This weeks topic: community and organizational psychology


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Community and organizational psychology
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Answer both questions each in 150 words. Use more if needed. You must also use the reading resources below to answer questions. Then an additional scholarly source can be used for supporting information. Use APA on text citation for both questions and no plagiarism!


  1. Choose and describe three everyday organizational issues that may occur in a workplace. What are some programs available to overcome each of these issues? Discuss some of the strategies related to organizational change. Use scholarly resources to support your explanations.


  1. What do organizational and community psychology share and where do they diverge from each other? Use scholarly resources to support your explanations.


Use must use these resources below to answer both questions along with an additional scholarly source.


  • Read- Chapter 12 – Moritsugu, J., Vera, E., Wong, F. & Duffy, K. (2016).. In Community Psychology. 5th ed. New York: Taylor and Francis. URL:



  • Read – Jarman, L., Martin, A., Venn, A., Otahal, P., & Sanderson, K. (2015). Does workplace health promotion contribute to job stress reduction? Three-year findings from Partnering Healthy@Work. BMC public health, 15, 1293. URL:


  • Read – Process Evaluation for Organizational Stress and Well-Being Interventions: Implications for Theory, Method, and Practice by Biron & Karanika-Murray from International Journal of Stress Management (2014). URL:


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