Business change and innovation assignment

Learning Outcomes

  1. Facilitate innovation and organisational change in accordance with a business entity requirements.
  2. Apply business knowledge to facilitate innovation and organisational change in accordance with a business entity requirements.
  3. Engage stakeholders for an efficient and effective contribution to innovation and organisational change


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Business change and innovation assignment
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Assessment Tasks

The key requirement for this task is for the learner to:

  1. Identify a business problem or challenge based on a detailed analysis of a New Zealand organization and its requirements. Select a suitable analytical tool to conduct your analysis of the organization. Your goal should be of facilitating innovation and organizational change at a strategic level. This should in relation to either a product, service, process, technology or system of the entity at a strategic level.
  2. Research, identify and justify a potential creative and innovative solution that will convert that problem/challenge into an opportunity for the organization.
  3. The business concept report, the presentation and stakeholder engagement activities must model professional, ethical and socially and culturally appropriate practices and behavior. Assume the target audience of your report is the senior management of your selected organization and the targeted innovation involves decision-making at the strategic level.

The report must address the following requirements.


  1. Cover page and Table of Contents

Include a cover page and table of contents that reflects the contents of the report to the senior management of the organisation. 1 Mark — (Professional presentation)


  1. Introduction 

Provide a detailed description of your chosen organization: you must include at least 5 key elements to describe the organization. Total 2 marks (LO3 a)


  1. Provide detailed analysis, of one business problem or challenge facing the organization and its significance for the organization’s future.  Ensure this includes the use of relevant analytical tool/s. Total 4 Marks (LO1c- 3 marks, LO2a- 1 mark= total 4 marks).



4.1 Provide a detailed description of an innovative idea/solution and how it will resolve the problem/challenge. Total 8 Marks (LO1a -6 marks, LO2 a- 2 marks)   4.2 Provide evidence of at least one (1) type of innovation and must be in the context of a product, service, process, technology, and or system. Total 2 marks (LO1a)


  1. Discuss how business knowledge is applied to implement the innovative activities in a holistic manner across the following 5 areas (principles and practices of) operations; accounting; sales and marketing; human resources and risk management.    Total 12 marks (LO2a- 6 marks; LO1 a & b= 6 marks)



6.1  Discuss and justify which type of change is involved in the context of the innovation you have suggested Total 2 marks (LO1b)           

6.2 Analyse the impact of this type of change on facilitating a change management strategy at the strategic level. Your analysis should ensure that all relevant aspects and functions of a business that are impacted are taken into consideration. Total 6 marks (LO1b)



7.1 Assume, the role of a team leader tasked with the responsibility of driving and implementing change. Outline 3 strategies that you would use to create a culture of innovation within the organization in order to ensure ongoing innovation within the organization.  Ensure the strategies selected are professional, ethical, socially and culturally appropriate to drive innovation and change. Total 7 marks (LO1a & b; LO1 d-2 marks)

7.2  Analyse the role of the above strategies in motivating your own self and others within your team to improve engagement and productivity while implementing the innovation suggested. Provide specific examples to analyse and justify the development of motivational skills – both of own and others during innovation and organisational change.   Total 10 marks (LO 1e- 5 marks; LO1d- 5 marks)


  1. You must use correct referencing style throughout the report. At least 5 academic journals and at least 2 books must be consulted and referenced. Total 1 mark (Professional presentation)

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