Basic Security Management

Assessment Brief

BHSM 2304

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Basic Security Management
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Basic Security Management

D1 Summer- III  


Words: ± 1000 words




A large multinational bank with multiple branches across the world is in operation in the city. There are half a million people having different types of accounts with the bank apart from 500 investors and shareholders supporting and involved with the banking operations. The different daily transactions that take place with the bank are normal to any banking transaction. The bank mainly manages all its daughter branch operations through the main branch with its 124 employees working in different roles and capacities. The main branch working hours are 8-5 pm and 6 days a week.




From the above information, prepare a report by critically analysing the details through the following sections as below.


The report should necessarily include the following sections.


  • Introduction– mention the relevance of security management and describe its importance to the above organisation
  • Management – perform a security threat synopsis by identifying the specific threats and potential threats to the organisation.
  • Organisational security structure– shows the lines of authority in the organisation through a flowchart.
  • Discussion- List the major security hazards that might pose to the organisation, state (3) consequences and provide specific control measures



  • All your work should be suitably cited and referenced in either APA or Harvard style.





Instructions and guidelines


  • The report should be structured in the below given format and order.
  • Introduction
  • Management
  • Organisation security structure
  • Discussion
  • References
  • The assignment report should not be written in this document but should be prepared by the student in a separate MS word document.
  • Submission of the assignment report should be done in Turnitin folder in Eduoasis.
  • The font style for the report is Arial only with 18’ size for headings and 12’ for text content.
  • Headings should be capitals (upper case).
  • The layout of the assignment document is A4.
  • Text should have line spacing of 1.5’ between line and justified.
  • Submission should be done as per the given date and time and no late submissions are allowed.
  • You are required to submit much earlier before the due date to verify the percent of similarity and plagiarism however there is no exact percent of similarity declared.
  • The assignment should include a title page and content page however these pages should not be numbered.



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