Artificial Persons

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Artificial Persons
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Instructions: write an essay, 4-6 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point font answering the following questions:


Question: are artificial persons (or A.I.) possible in the future? Could machines think?


Answer this question(s) and be sure to:


[1] Describe the Turing test. Describe in detail how it works and what its goal is.  What counts as a pass and what does pass mean? If a woman passes the test what does Turing think that proves?


[2] Describe Functionalism and why it makes possible future artificial intelligence (see Putnam’s interview on website)


[3] Describe and explain Searle’s “Chinese room” counterexample to functionalism and the argument it illustrates: do not forget to explain the distinction between syntax and semantics.


[4] Describe and explain at least one (more is better) reply to Searle. Make a conclusion; could machines think and have minds?


Important Notes: (i) do not mention material other than that assigned to you, although you should read other material if you need help; reading comprehension is what you are being tested on as well as your ability to understand the material, so focus on explaining Turing, Searle and watch the material on the website including my lectures…

(ii) I have uploaded several lectures on the topic just me talking on video, but listen to them for many of the answers…

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