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Begin with “The problem to be addressed by this study is…” This statement should logically flow from the introduction and clearly identify the problem to be addressed by the study.

☐ Succinctly discuss the problem and provide evidence of its existence

☐ Identify who is impacted by the problem (e.g., individuals, organizations, industries, or society), what is not known that should be known about it, and what the potential negative consequences could be if the problem is not addressed in this study.

☐ Ensure the concepts presented are exactly the same as those mentioned in the Purpose Statement section.

☐ Do not exceed 300 words.


Examining the Role of Servant Leadership on the Culture and Climate of Inner-City Elementary Schools: A Qualitative Investigation

Current statement:

The problem to be addressed by this study is inadequate amount of research done purposely to heighten understanding of the implications of servant leadership on education at the primary level (Black, 2010). This study should add knowledge to our educators to be conversant with decisions they make that results in the improvement of our learners’ and children’s education. Research that principals’ guidelines increase and improve the school’s environmental setup by exploring servant leadership behavior of teachers and school principals.

At the Hong Kong International School, Chan and So (2017) state that students, aged 15 to 17, are exposed to the best opportunities to establish and develop servant leadership characteristics: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment of the growth of people, and building community. Its achievement is through programs that embrace servant leadership. The possibilities of students being leaders attained when a platform is introduced to them to be lead, serve, and build society. The research aims to establish the effect of servant leadership on the culture and climate of inner city elementary. Using the qualitative method, the views of the students were collected and interpreted concerning the impact of servant leadership on education. The findings in the Chan and So study show that educational institutions provide a significant platform for learners to exercise leadership. (Chan and So, 2017)

Findings show that teachers gain direction, good relationships, and strength (Hammond, 2018) through the leadership provided by administrators. The measurements and research questions for the study were through the seminal servant-leadership theory that describes the relationship between the two (Hammond, 2018). The school climate is directly influenced by the principal (Pilkiene, 2017). Pilkiene’s study (2017) shows that student performance improves as well as the fulfillment of the teachers’ jobs when the relationship is positive. Bearing in mind that the school climate is an important factor in teacher retention, it can be concluded that servant leadership can improve teacher retention rates. Additionally, it can be observed that schools, in which new teachers receive support from leaders and other colleagues, participants note a positive school climate and feel inclined to stay (Pilkiene, 2017).

According to Black (2010), the primary decision-makers are principals in Catholic schools. Their roles realize the effectiveness they portray (language and characters). Through their doctrines, the research shows that their principles on servant leadership are appropriately considered hence creating current and future leaders (Hung, Tsai & Wu 2016). There are potential consequences that can occur when this research not conducted. These are: lack of leadership qualities to the young generation, misuse of power, and lack of coordination among the stakeholders.

NEEDS: to be rooted in the problem saying that the climate in high-poverty schools is a problem and adds to the decline of a schools success. Please let me know if you can do this. You can use any resources necessary.

Please use a minimum of 3 resources.

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