Individual  Assignment 2 accounting analysis

Individual  Assignment 2

  • Outline 3 different comparisons an analyst may include when evaluating the performance of a company. (Not asking for specific ratios)
  • You have been asked to evaluate investment options for a large private investment fund; identify some drawbacks to a purely fundamental (Ratio) analysis.
  • Consider companies in the following industries: Technology, Financial, Manufacturing. Name 2 companies within each industry, and identify 3-4 Ratios that you think would be most important within that industry (and why) and 2 Ratios that would not be important considerations (and why).
  • Identify 2 -3 indicators which may act as a signal of a company’s inventory management strength.
  • Comment on the relevant issues/questions/concerns/ impacts of a company who has a higher average age of long-lived assets. (comment on impact to analysis)


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Individual  Assignment 2 accounting analysis
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