Assignment: Final Project Step VI

Congratulations on reaching the last step of your Final Project! The Final Project is a stepwise process, and its goal is to leave you well-prepared by the end of this course to execute on your qualitative research study plan. By now, you have completed the steps of this course that are good practice for developing a high-quality qualitative research study.

The Final Project: Building a Qualitative Research Plan document in the Learning Resources contain the instructions for organizing the work you produced in Steps I through V. Be sure to incorporate revisions to your work based on feedback from your Instructor and classmates.

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Assignment: Final Project Step VI
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By Day 6

Submit a video response to the following prompt:- You will write out the information and I will record it on video.

You are a scholar-practitioner embarking on a research study within the context and proud tradition of Walden University’s mission of social change. How will your proposed research contribute to Walden’s mission of social change?

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