Apple Watch series 5

1. 1500-1600 words (not including title page, abstract, or reference page – so just the
actual text)
2. APA format (double-spaced w/title page, abstract, and reference page)
3. Internal summaries/transitions between major ideas
4. Minimum of five sources (not including images and citation for artifact)
5. 2 images w/captions
6. Creative title and headings (see your APA Template for help with headings in APA
In this essay, you will build upon your argument skills to analyze and deconstruct an
artifact (examples at the end of the document) of popular culture. The essay should
contain four major sections:
Here, you will introduce the artifact you’ve chosen, why it is important to analyze, etc.
You will also provide your thesis/argument and a preview of the rest of the essay. The
thesis should be separate from the preview.
Here, you will contextualize the artifact for your audience, providing relevant
background information about your artifact and the discourse surrounding it. In this
section, you are “setting the scene” for your reader. Imagine your reader has never
heard of your chosen artifact. What information would they need in order to fully
understand your analysis of its persuasive appeal? In this section, you can provide
a brief summary of the artifact (e.g. a synopsis of the film, a description of the
photograph, etc.), but remember, the focus of this section is not merely a summary of
the artifact. You can also discuss the political/cultural events affecting the artifact (e.g. if
you’re analyzing political cartoons about immigration, you’ll want to discuss the current
status of the immigration debate). This section prepares the reader for the analysis in
the next section.
Here, you will examine your artifact through an analysis of the three major rhetorical
appeals. Note: you do not have to deeply analyze all three appeals if you do not feel
each appeal is really prominent in the artifact, but you should at a minimum identify
each appeal in the artifact and then analyze the appeals you feel are most prominent.
In other words and for example, while you may not find the artifact has a great deal of
logos in it, at some level, all artifacts have some type of logical reasoning/argument, so
you would want to, at a minimum, identify the logos appeal and give it a little analysis.
Furthermore, you may think your artifact is mostly ethos and pathos (or some

combination, but not all three). If this is the case, you would devote most of this section
to the appeals you see most prominent, but you would still include a mention and brief
piece about the appeal(s) you do not think are as prominent. Which of the appeals
seem to be most evident in the artifact? Which appeals do most of the persuasive
“work” in the artifact? So, in this section, you will identify, define, and explain each
appeal and analyze how the artifact displays or uses rhetorical appeals.
Finally, you will wrap up the essay by drawing some conclusions about the persuasive
potential of your artifact. What are the implications of your artifact? Is this artifact
effective in its persuasion? Why or why not? What impacts might it have on the general
public? You should summarize what the essay covered, restate the purpose of the
essay, and end with something memorable.

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