Information Management for Supply Chain

The questions can be found in the Group Based Assignment pdf file. Only Question 1(a) needs to be completed. There are total of 4 bullet points for Question 1a. Total number of words for all parts should not exceed 825 words. Based on the marks allocations kindly allocate the word count for each part of the question.

Instructions on citations , format and guidelines indicated on the question paper. Need to prepare an excellent report with citations, references, statistical data, reviews and measures to be implemented in accordance with the given case scenario for all parts. Attached the study guide, course slides and notes for additional assistance. Need to have minimum 8 citations. The paper should be plagiarism free. Since I am looking to score excellent results, A+ for my assignment seek for assistance in delivering one. Greatly appreciate all your efforts

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Information Management for Supply Chain
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More files will be uploaded on subsequent chats. Feel free to enquire on parts where clarity is needed.

Read the following paper and answer the following questions.

Hopkins, J and Hawking, P. (2018), “Big Data Analytics and IoT in logistics: A case study,” The International Journal of Logistics Management, 29(2), 575‒591.

Available at:

Full-text is accessible in the Domain of SUSS, or via the SUSS Library Resource.

For Question 1a , bullet point 3 , need to sketch a diagram, possible to use Google draw or any equivalent program to create one.

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