History Topics

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Your research paper should include specific examples and should involve major figures and stylistic movements as well as diversity and historical issues related to jazz. You must consult at least three outside sources for this research paper. You must use appropriate citations and itemize all outside using footnotes and a bibliography. Your textbook is not an outside source, but may be consulted as well. The paper will be graded on content, quality of research, organization and structure, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

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History Topics
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Possible Topics for Paper #1  (Summer 18)


  1. A) Name a number of important women who made significant contributions to jazz before 1945. Indicate their specialties (trumpeter, vocalist, bandleader, composer, etc.) and the bands and/or musicians with whom they were associated. Also, discuss the obstacles women had to overcome to become part of the jazz world and how sexism impacted jazz at the time. Use specific examples.
  2. B) Discuss the role jazz played in the cultural activities associated with the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. Use specific examples of major jazz figures of this period. Use specific examples of stylistic developments that occurred during this time. What was the role of segregation in Harlem and other Northern cities?



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