Audio Recognition Project

Create a fingerprint database of audio files

1. One time fingerprinting of audio files for Admin & Client Users

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Audio Recognition Project
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2. automatic detection of audio files from any channels added before or after

3.admin overall powers to data logs on Admin&client web interface

3. creation of Utility interface that registers all Audio files in database, (Add/Manage Tracks, Track Name, Sound File, Category(manually given), Select Monitoring Stations(Select ALL & Select Particular station), Manage track list, location

4.Detection is in Real time

***Ability to detect new Adverts based on image, phrase words, tagline*****


Show Users logged in

Show all live channels on dashboard

ability to brand dashboard for client users with their logo

Channels Monitoring

List of stations active

live playback/recording of channels (ability to download recorded files, recording such be done for every 30mins of live stream and compression of files)


Start Date – End date

Select All Channel Logs or Select Particular Channels logs or Select Particular Audio Log

Download Logs

Real time display of Detection time (Time, Channel, Location, Brand, Channel Type, Brand Advert)

Channel COnfiguration – ADD SOURCE



Type (TV or Radio)

Statue (Active, Disable, Inactive)


Save Changes

Delete Station


Account Creation – create users account and give privileges (Add NEW USER, Account Type(advertiser, Agency, Admin), Time Zone

Track Approval – Every track added by client has to be approved

BackCheck Utility

This processes recorded audio files that is recorded from Monitoring channels to confirm if any advert audio files missed detection.


2.Add Audio File

3.Search and display results

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