Time Warner Cable

Question 1

research six (6) peer-reviewed articles that can be used to answer question 3. Your discussion should summarize the articles in such a way that it can justify any arguments you may present in question 3 and should be different from the abstract. In addition to your researched peer-reviewed article, you must include an example of the article researched as it is applied by industry (company, business entity, and so forth).

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Time Warner Cable
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Please note: This article summary should not be the only article researched for question 3. You may (and should) have several other articles researched to fully answer your PA2 assignment. The concept of question 1 is to allow students to be proactive in the research necessary to complete this assignment. You may use your article summary, partially or in its entirety in your question 3.

  • In correct APA format, write the Reference of the article.
  • Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.
  • Describe how you will use it in your upcoming assignment.
  • Repeat for a total of six (6) peer-reviewed sources.

Question 2

What is the notion of sustainability in the context of environment? Has inequality any effect on sustainability? Please clarify. Minimum 450 words, use two Intext citation that matches peer reviewed references

Question 3

Please study the case about the “Time Warner Cable” on page 467 and write an analytical and evidence based paper of minimum five (5) pages, APA formatted encompass the followings:

  • A summary history and analysis of Time Warner business expansion since 2000
  • What have been the business markets for Time Warner?
  • Who is the competition for Time Warner and what policies Time Warner have used to challenge it?
  • What are the significant regulatory areas that impact the operations and strategic decisions of Time Warner?
  • The technological change and challenges that Time Warner has been facing.

Use 7 in text citation that matches peer reviewed references.

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