Maternal Child Health Nursing

Module 6: Careof the Toddler and unique educational needs.

Sally is a 24 month old.She has a 1 month old brother.Her mother has brought her to the pediatrician’s office for a routine check-up.Mother relates concerns with her refusal to toilet train.She has been demonstrating more frequent tantrums and is waking again during the night.She tells you she did not have any trouble with her birth, she weighed 7 #, and was 19 inches long.She tells you that Sally breastfed until 9 months and then with the advice of her family weaned her to the cup.And she believes this is why she has no allergies.Right now she is a picky eater, but does like fruits and vegetables when she will sit at the table and eat.She loves her milk, and does drink some juice.The family has no medical history, and yes, her immunizations are up to date.She plays often by herself, and on play dates loves to run, and her talking is improving.She took her to the dentist once and though it is a battle, tries to brush her teeth daily.

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Maternal Child Health Nursing
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Vital signs:T – tympanic – 99.0, Pulse (apical) – 90, RR –

Module6 Rubric for Module 6 Score
Correctly identifies the client, establishes communication and recognizes the Erikson theory most appropriate for this child. 3
Relates history that may be significant to the care of this child 2
Complete a head to toe assessment using specific techniques for this age of child. 5
Tools and team members that may be beneficial to this child’s care 2
Educate mother on the unique characteristics of the toddler

(multiple areas)

What immunizations should have been completed to be ‘Up to date’ 2
Spelling and APA formatting 1
Total 20

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