Human Resource Systems

“Bleeding Talent and No HRIS” Case Study APA Format Questions

Maria Sanchez was recently appointed as global head of People and Talent responsible for the future of 35,000 people worldwide, the bulk of whom are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and manufacturing is likely to relocate to China in the next two years, adding to her responsibilities. An initial consideration of her responsibilities has identified a number of people issues for the next five years:

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Human Resource Systems
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  • recruiting and placing new employees in appropriate jobs as vacancies occur
  • developing the skills of current and new employees in training programs
  • retaining unique specialists in highly skilled roles

In addition, several other issues have been brought to her attention by the outgoing global head of People and Talent:

 Some of the brightest high performers and the most experienced midlevel managers appear to be leaving the company

 The general employee population is aging, and there will be a significant number of retirements over the next decade, which will require extensive replacements

 There is an aging senior leadership, most of who are looking toward early retirement.

Although she knows she has a problem, the main problem is that she does not have enough detailed information about the employees to know the scale of the problem. She wishes she could find a general framework in which to address these problems and issues, and she wants to be able to show how the framework and programs she implements will impact on the “bottom line” of the organization.One year later…The talent strategy “Our People–Our Talent–Our Future,” which she presented to the board in her third month, identified the need for a robust HR Information System (HRIS). It is in its early stages, but the intensive data collection and entry activity has been straightforward so far. More concerning are the metrics responsible for producing the information needed to develop far reaching HR policies and practices for the future. The metrics are relatively easy to construct, but it is proving tricky to find the right “combination” of predictive metrics—this is holding up progress with the analysis application package. In addition, there have been cost overruns in the implementation of the HRIS software, and some senior managers are wondering if the new HRIS should be abandoned.Employee turnover and an aggressive growth strategy mean hiring new employees as well as training transferring current employees. The work that is involved in defining competences (KSA sets) at skill levels within jobs is progressing well, with hard-won support from the employees. However, job descriptions that can be found are at least three to five years old, and some jobs have no descriptions.Case Study Questions. APA format. You do not need to include an Abstract page, however if you include information that you found online or through another resource (book, magazine, video, etc.), you need to properly quote and cite that source and include a reference page. There is no minimum or maximum number of words required for each answer. Feel free to use the OWL APA Guide to help you with proper APA formatting/guidelines.

  1. What are some of the problems in the past that have led this current situation to occur?
  2. Why are there problems with the implementation of the new HRIS?
  3. Why do you think there are cost overruns? How could this have been avoided?
  4. Assuming that the HRIS implementation is completed successfully, what should Sanchez do nextto address the large number of employees that are leaving the company or retiring? How can the new HRIS help her and her team stop the bleeding of talent?

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