ENGH 044 061 Twelfth Grade English 2

Project 2

Evaluation 32

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ENGH 044 061 Twelfth Grade English 2
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ENGH 044 061 Twelfth Grade English 2

Be sure to include ALL pages of this project (including the directions and the assignment) when you send the project to your teacher for grading. Don’t forget to put your name and I.D. number at the top of this page!

Project 1 is worth 100 points. It is worth 10 percent of your course grade. For this project, you will choose one of the following options. Rubrics are provided so you know how you will be graded and what is required. Please look over the rubrics as well as reading the comments they provide. Also, review the appendix in this course for more about writing essays, thesis statements, paragraphs, MLA style, and conventions.

Essays should be 1,200 words. To submit your project, read the directions following the rubric.

Essay, Option 1

How did Victorian era writers use didacticism in their publications?

Write an essay in which you answer this question. Look at a minimum of two works from Victorian era writers that were assigned in this course and explain how they incorporated didacticism in their writings. Be sure to indicate in the intro what works you are discussing. As you prepare your essay, you will need to give a summary of the ideas in each work and connect these ideas to the Victorian concept of didacticism. Use specific examples from the work to explain your thoughts.

Essay, Option 2

Use the Victorian era works covered in Units 3 and 4 to compare an idea (belief, value, political issue, or social issue) found in the text to some aspect of today’s society. It could be something that is the same as it was in the text, or an idea that has shifted from the time these works were written until now. In your intro, identify the idea/issue you are discussing along with how the views toward it have changed or remained the same. You will need to explain how the characters in the works address the issue as well as how it is addressed in society today.


With Option 2, you can complete it as a written essay or as a speech:

Written Essay Option

Answer the question for Option 2 by writing a 1,200 word essay. You may research the issue from an outside source, but then be sure to include a proper MLA Works Cited page and in-line citation (see the appendix for more on these).



Speech Option

Answer the question for Option 2 by recording a seven-minute video presentation in which you give a speech. The speech will be graded with the same rubric as the essay, including conventions in style, sentence structure, and grammar.

If you choose to do the speech option, YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT ONLINE. Go to the online version of your course and use the navigation panel to access the directions for Project 2.


This project will be graded according to the following rubric. Point breakdown is:

Thesis Statement:        20 points possible                    Sentence Fluency:       10 points possible

Ideas / Content:           20 points possible                    Conventions:               10 points possible

Organization:               20 points possible                    Citations:                      10 points possible

Language and Style:    10 points possible                    Total points possible:                  100


  20 16 12 8 4 0
Thesis Statement





Thesis statement is very clear and clearly addresses the posed question. Thesis statement is clear and generally answers the posed question.


Thesis is unclear, but a main idea is generally present and on topic. Thesis statement is unclear, and main idea is not clearly on topic. Thesis statement is unclear, and main idea is off topic. Thesis statement is missing and main idea is unclear.
Ideas/ Content








Details are clear, specific, and accurately summarize the text. Support of the thesis is clear. Details are accurate and summarize the text. Support of the thesis is apparent. Details are present and give a general idea of the text. Some connections to the thesis are present. Details are vague and do not give a clear summary of the text. Support of the thesis is lacking. Details are confusing and do not summarize the text. There is almost no connection to the thesis. No details from the text. No connection to the thesis.













Effective order of detail with transitions connecting ideas. Well-developed intro, body, and conclusion and solid use of paragraphs.


Strong order with some transitions. Intro, body, and conclusion are all developed and paragraphs generally used correctly. Attempts to organize with weak transitions. Intro, body, and conclusion are not fully developed, and paragraphs are attempted. Lacking organization with few to no transition. Intro, body, and conclusion are not developed or might be missing and paragraphs are incorrect. Disorganized and confusing with no apparent transition. Intro, body, and conclusion are not identifiable and paragraphs are lacking. Organization is not attempted and no transitions are apparent. Missing intro, body, or conclusion and no paragraphs are used.


  10 8 6 4 2 0
Language and Style (Word Choice/Voice)








Words chosen clearly communicate meaning and thoughts. Vocabulary is accurate, natural, and appropriate. Style is unique and appropriate.


Words chosen communicate meaning and thoughts. Vocabulary is sufficient for communicating ideas. Style is natural. Words chosen are general in communication of meaning and thoughts. Vocabulary, while perhaps accurate, is not clearly followed. Style is attempted and successful at times. Words may be confusing at times. Vocabulary might be overdone or too basic. Style is unnatural. Words chosen are confusing throughout. Vocabulary may be unnatural or distracting. Style is lacking originality. Words have no meaning. There is no style.
Sentence Fluency






Sentences are smooth and easy to read. Varied in length and structure throughout. Sentences are easy to read. Varied in length and structure at times. Sentences are sometimes awkward. Lacking in a variety of length or structure. Sentences are often difficult to read. Choppy or run together sentences are noticeable. Sentences are difficult to read. Choppy or run together sentences to the point of distraction. Sentences contain such lack of fluency that it is challenging to read for under-standing.
Conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, including titles!) No glaring errors. Readability seems flawless. If errors are present, they do not distract the reader. Occasional errors, but not too distracting. Frequent errors affect the readability. Numerous errors are distracting throughout and make the text hard to read. So many errors it cannot be read for under-standing.
Citations and Works Cited page (as needed)




Follows MLA format correctly. In-line citations and Works Cited page done correctly. Follows MLA format with few errors. Citations and Works cited page are used as needed with few errors. Follows MLA format, with some errors. Attempted citations and Works Cited page but contains errors. Does not use MLA format. Citations and Works Cited page contain many errors. Does not follow MLA style. Missing citations and Works Cited page information. No citations and no Works Cited page.
Total Score out of 100 possible points:


To submit this project electronically, access the online version of your course. Use the navigation panel to access the directions for Project 3.

To submit this project by mail, refer to the directions in the enrollment information you received with your print materials.



Essay Option

Begin typing here (delete directions for speech option).

Speech Option

Record your speech and save it, using the course number, your name, and the project and part in the filename:


You may upload your presentation to YouTube. To protect your safety, select the UNLISTED privacy setting for your video. (This means that your video will not appear in any search of You Tube, but people who have the URL can watch it. Refer to the SAFETY information on You Tube’s homepage for more information.)

Copy and paste the URL for your video into the table on the next page of this project assignment document (scroll down).

If you do not have a YouTube Account, use the UNHS Dropbox. (The DropBox is password protected and NOT available to the public.)

  1. Access the high school DropBox. To access the DropBox, use the navigation panel on your course management system (Waycool) homepage.
  2. Click “Browse” to select your file. (A new “Browse” button will appear after you have selected your file. Disregard it. This feature of the DropBox is for projects in which students need to submit more than one file.)
  3. Click “Begin Upload.”
  4. Wait until a message appears on your screen saying “Your Upload is Complete.” This message will provide a URL to your file so it can be viewed online.
  5. Copy the URL and paste it into the table on the next page of this project assignment document (scroll down). Be sure to copy your URL before you close the DropBox upload page.

NOTE: If you experience difficulty or long delays in uploading, you may need to compress your video file. Recommended freeware programs for compression are:



When you have uploaded your video (either to YouTube or the DropBox), complete the table on the next page.



Name of Student  
Title of Speech  
URL link to your speech  
Citations for any outside sources used (in proper MLA format)  





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