EDF1005 Discussions 7 & 8


Schools always seem to be at the short end of the political stick when it comes to funding. State tax dollars are the principal means of funding schools, yet it would be very unpopular for politicians to suggest raising taxes even if schools are underfunded.

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EDF1005 Discussions 7 & 8
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Some suggest that it would be better to fund schools locally through local taxes. Others say it would be more efficient if we privatized schools as the charter school movement suggests. Still, others suggest that if we offer extra dollars to schools that perform well on the FCAT then that will get everyone to be more successful with the funds they have and to compete for additional merit funds.

What do you think is the best remedy for the difficult question of how best to provide schools with sufficient funds to do a good job?


Post your research on the Code of Ethics for educators in Florida and one other state of your choice. Then respond to the questions below:

  • Of the legal and/or ethical issues facing teachers today, what three issues are of greatest concern to you?
  • Why?

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