Psychopathy Assignment

  • Choose one film that portrays a potential psychopath (Some examples include The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, Gone Girl, Seven, Insomnia, 10 Cloverfield Lane)

Any of the above movies will work. Writer’s choice. Please include 2-3 references. APA format.

To complete

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Psychopathy Assignment
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In a 2- to 3-page paper:

    • Identify the movie and character you selected, and describe the characteristics that could be considered criminal.
    • Provide an overall summary of the character, describing his/her background (e.g., education, occupation, relationship history, psychological history).
    • Determine if the character you identified is mentally ill (e.g., psychotic) or has a mental disorder such as psychopathy.
      • Provide evidence using both the Learning Resources and any additional reference

      Power Point:

    • Access the Uniform Crime Reports for both the area in which you live and your state. (If you are an international student, access crime reports in your community and country.)
    • Examine the types of crime reported in these areas.

Scenario: Citizens in your area are concerned about crime rates. You are asked to present information at a town hall meeting. Your presentation should include information about frequency of different types of crimes, potential risk factors that may contribute to certain crimes being more frequent than others, and strategies that could help prevent certain crimes in the future.

To complete

    • Create a PowerPoint presentation (15–20 slides) explaining the various categories and types of crime in your city/ neighborhood vs. the crime in your state. (If you are an international student access crime reports in your community and country.)
      • Focus on the categories of crimes that are highest/ lowest in your area.
      • Indicate the extent of crime in different areas.
      • Discuss what factors might influence how high or low crime rates are in certain areas.
      • Provide strategies for addressing these crime issues and make recommendations to law enforcement and public officials based on the types of crimes and the offenders who commit those crimes.
  • Part of the power point has been created and is attatched below. Feel free to alter format and color.

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