Managing Information Systems

1200 words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No Plagiarism.

1. Case Study – 148-149 US Department of Defense: Enlisting Open Source Applications

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Managing Information Systems
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Discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case as part of your essay. Your response will be an overview of the case.

  • Given the critical nature of defense activities, security in this environment is a primary concern. How do the agencies discussed in the case study address this issue? Can you think of anything else they could be doing? Provide at least two recommendations.
  • The U.S. Department of Defense is arguably one of the largest organizations in the world. Managing technology for such an organization is certainly a major endeavor. Does the shift toward open-source initiatives help in this regard? Does it hurt? Discuss at least two advantages and disadvantages of adopting open-source applications in large organizations.
  • After reading the case study, do you think the shift to open-source software involved a major cultural change for the Department of Defense? Would you expect the same to be the case for large companies? Justify your answer.

2. 250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No Plagiarism.

What are the consequences of an organization not having an information policy?

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