Financial prediction

Now that you have researched and investigated several companies, it’s time to pull it all together in the final task, focused on one company.

You have already chosen a company that is on the brink of releasing a new innovative product or service. Your final project will be to forecast the future of this company in 5 years and 10 years related to the product (or service).

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Financial prediction
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You will need to do substantial research about the company, product or service, and financial management and policies. You will need to collect substantial data to make a viable forecast. You will also need to choose a model to analyze the data. Based on the information discovered determine the financial health of your company. Then predict the financial future of the company. Provide documented support for your prediction.

Report your findings.

                      • Watch the LinkedIn Learning course: Presentation Fundamentals with Tatiana Kolovou
                      • Review chapters of 7-9 Measuring Organizational Performance: Metrics for Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management Research
                      • Altmans Z-Score Model to Predict the Financial Hardship of Companies
                      • Financial Health of a Company

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