Urban poverty

Urban poverty is spatialized in both symbolic and material ways. Please discuss.

In your response, please discuss geographies of urban poverty particularly from the perspective of urban residents, articulated through a variety of stories and interview data from the readings. High quality essays will:

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Urban poverty
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· Include a clear main argument and be logically organized

· Articulate how the urban is comprised of both formal and informal spaces,

· Demonstrate how urban space is gendered (this can be one segment or run throughout the entire paper)

· Show how urban policies and laws are contested (resisted in a variety of ways).

· Include Explanatory Footnotes only if necessary; No Endnotes

· Include a Reference list/Bibliography

· Be written in 12 Font, double-spaced as a Word document only—no pdfs. Papers are to be uploaded, do not cut and paste.

· Range between 2000 (min) and 2500 words(max)

– minimum 10 articles

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