Social inequality within a specific social institution

Your research paper topic is an extension of the research proposal that you submitted earlier in the term on a form of social inequality within a specific social institution. Follow the format listed below as you develop your final paper in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. I am also a link to the college’s library page on writing and citing a paper in the APA format. Please note that I am also attaching a sample research paper as a guide in the development of your paper.

Page 1…. Title page

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Social inequality within a specific social institution
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Page 2… Abstract: This is a 75-120 word summary of your paper. Although the abstract is officially on page two in an APA paper, it is typically written as the final step in the research process. The abstract can only be completed after you know the details of your research.

Pages 3-7… Body: These pages will be the body of your paper. Be sure to use in text citations throughout the body to support your paper.

Page 8…. Reference Page

Sources: You should have at least six scholarly sources cited as in text citations within your paper. Include the reference page at the end with full citations.

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