Retrieve reliable historical data on federal state

PART 1—-For this assignment, your homework is to use the Internet to retrieve reliable historical data on federal, state, and local governments. Using MS Excel you will calculate and graph the ratio of federal government expenditures to total government expenditures. Using your results, you will answer the question: Has the federal government become larger or smaller relative to state and local governments over time?

Using this upload box, you will submit a typed, proof-read 1–2 page write-up in MS Word documenting your process and the main findings. If the paper ends up being longer that 1–2 pages, that is fine, but aim for conciseness, if possible. You may use any write-up format of your choice, as long as the style results in a professional-looking document. Use 12-point size font, single spaced. Feel free to add headings and subheadings to structure your document into logical sections.

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Retrieve reliable historical data on federal state
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Since a significant portion of your work for this assignment will be done in MS Excel, please submit your Excel file with the data and graphs, as well.


Economist Arthur Laffer famously pointed out that, in some cases, income tax revenue can actually go up when tax rates go down. Why might this be the case?

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