Mechanisms of human disease

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage analysis of one patient beginning with the history and progressing to the physical examination. Go over the pathophysiological processes and mechanisms of human disease, clinical signs and symptoms, and diagnostic data consistent with the pathology of common health problems. Determine appropriate medical treatment and nursing care based on best practices found in the literature. This assignment emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving through the correlation of cellular and multi-system pathology with related assessment and diagnostic data, medical treatment, and nursing management.

Pathophysiology and Assessment of a Specific Disease Process
• Definition and description of disease • Risk factors • Dynamics of the disease in relation to cellular disruption and effect upon major body systems • History and physical assessment data. What are the pertinent positives and negatives found in the assessment data? Relate findings to the pathophysiology of the disease • Diagnostics studies (lab, radiology, etc.) Relate the findings to the pathological process. You must identify the rationale for the abnormalities

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Mechanisms of human disease
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This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMedical Management
• What was the rationale for ordered medical treatment? • What was the patient’s response to treatment? If the patient was not improving, what more would you do as a patient advocate to improve patient outcomes? Include in your discussion all of the following if appropriate: o Pharmacological therapy o Medical and/or surgical intervention o Rehabilitative techniques

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeNursing Management
• What were the major nursing diagnoses and primary interventions for this patient? Include the patient’s response/outcomes? • Reflecting back on this patient case study, what would you have done differently? Explain your answer • Include in your discussion of nursing management the following: o Pertinent nursing diagnoses and interventions o Changes in health status related to interventions o Evaluation of collaborative management and patient outcomes

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