Introduction to Music

1. Identify and discuss 3 key figures that were important to the development of the music style/context. These figures may be musicians, composers, bands, pop stars, producers, etc. Discuss who the figures were and how they contributed to the music. Be as specific as you can.

2. Identify 3 figures that have been influenced by the music from your chosen style. These may be artists of a newer generation that have taken inspiration from earlier artists within a specific musical context, or they could be artists that are associated with a different musical context. For example, later generations of rock musicians that were influenced by earlier rock and roll musicians, or pop musicians that were influenced by Baroque music. Discuss how their music has been influenced specifically and provide examples of their work that demonstrate these influences. You may need to use the internet for researching this question.

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Introduction to Music
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3. Musical knowledge often travels and develops roots in new places or communities. This can occur with specific musical characteristics moving from one context to another, but it can also be seen in instruments that travel to new locations, musicians or composers that borrow ideas from outside their communities, and music that merges more than one cultural influence into a new type of music (syncretism). Find an example of this “musical borrowing” occurring in your chosen musical style/context and discuss the factors that led to it.

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