Criminal Justice – Business and Career

Business Class –
Respond more than 120 words. ” Is global expansion mandatory or optional? I have a continuous debate going with my brother-in-law who is general counsel of a big corporation (the waste management industry). He insists that “you must compete globally.” I say no, you don’t. Small businesses which are the backbone of our economy do not necessarily have to expand globally to earn profits. My dad, my husband and myself are all small business owners who do not want to be forced into the global arena. What do you think? What options are available for any type of business and business owner? (This is an additional question to the above main topic) Does the type of industry matter?”

Respond more the 120 words. “Explain the most popular and successful means of entering the global market according to Dess? Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Franchising, Licensing, Parterships, Mergers and Acquisitions, and more. Give examples of companies which have tried at least one of these expansion types and their outcomes. Were they successful? Why or why not?An example was the Sears/KMart merger which ended up to be a total disaster. The internal cultures were drastically different and workers simply did not get along and did not buy into the idea of a merger. As we know, both companies went bankrupt. Your thoughts?”

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Criminal Justice – Business and Career
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Career class
Respond more than 80 words – Hey Class and Professor, I have used a couple different job sites recently and used some networking contacts. The sites I used were Monster and Government jobs for my searches. Monster will send you emails letting you know of potential jobs for you and will let you know if a recruiter is reaching out. Government jobs lets you know of city and state jobs that are posted. The networking contacts I have came from attending different transportation conferences and people that I have worked with along the way. I am blessed in my case because I have a steady job and am not looking to make any changes until I earn my degree, then I will start to explore other options a little more. Thanks,”

Respond more than 80 words ” Hello Professor and Class, The main benefit of are multiple hiring techniques, free job postings, sponsored job posting, large scale hiring, resume builder, and job alerts. Indeed pulls jobs from career sites and classified listings and display them on its own site. I have used Indeed many times. It takes the pain out of job searching. I liked the ability to set up criteria for different career interest and all job matches are sent to you via email. My current job as listed on Indeed. “Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities.” (Links to an external site.)

Criminal Justice class
More than 120 words ” In light of recent events and even prior to, is it true that if the public believes crime control is more important than due process, police will act on that message? What are the ethical considerations? Explain your answer.”

More than 80 words “I really enjoyed your post this week, you gave a lot of detailed information in regard to false convictions and the reasons why people may confess to a crime they never committed. I like how you mentioned that parents may confess to a crime their child committed, I feel like that is something that happens more often that people discuss. You also said that juveniles have a higher rate for false confessions than adults, why is that? Is there a way that law enforcement can weed out those who are falsely confessing before it gets to court?”

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