Admission Appeal


Submit a signed, dated and typed essay (750 words or less) addressed to the Admission Appeal Committee. The essay must answer the following two (2) questions. You may attach documentation as appropriate to support your appeal. Handwritten letters will not be reviewed.

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Admission Appeal
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 Other than academic pursuits, discuss a long-term goal that you have established and accomplished. In this essay, please discuss why the goal was important to you, any setbacks or challenges you faced, and the method you used to overcome those challenges.

 Why do you believe you have the potential for academic success at Clayton State, even though you did not meet all the admission requirements? Discuss the reasons for any previous academic difficulties, indicating why those problems are unlikely to reoccur, and detailing your plans for academic success in the future.

Please provide evidence of other accomplishments (i.e. resume, certificates earned, licenses held, etc.)

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