Technical Report on Modeling and Controller Design

This project asks you to model a system, design a controller for the system, and simulate the system responses. You may use Controller Design via Root Locus, however, this project is Open to any methods for designing and simulating a control system. The tasks include:

Choose a system of your interests;
Define a set of system performance requirements, such as settling time, percent overshoot, steady-state error, etc;
Design a controller to meet the defined system requirements;
Write a technical report.

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Technical Report on Modeling and Controller Design
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A controller design and system simulation are Required. If you don’t have access to Matlab or Simulink for simulation. OctaveOnline, Octave or Python are some alternative tools you may find helpful.

Turnitin will be used to check the similarity. A similarity below 30% is acceptable.

If DC Motor Position control doesn’t sound appealing, you may select a different topic, with the following guidance:

You are suggested to consider some classic and simple systems, 1st or 2nd order system, as your topic. It is very important that you state your project clearly, logically, and in detail in the report, showing you understand what you have done for the project.

Some suggested systems includes:

DC Motor speed control
DC Motor position control
Cruise control
Suspension control
More examples can be found at CTMS, Control System Design and Tuning, Control Design in Simulink. (links provided in attached word doc titled ‘Useful Links’)

A report guide document, the grading rubric, and the textbook have also been uploaded. I can also provide some examples of the types of graphs that are expected to be included, if needed.

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